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Rose Kelly has been offered the chance of a lifetime by a mysterious stranger to restore his English home. With nothing to lose, Rose accepts Vaughn Madoc’s offer and accompanies him to England. Curiosity gets the best of Rose when she discovers a sealed room and she enters the room. Suddenly, Rose is catapulted back to turn-of-the-century England. Can a modern twenty-first century woman survive the turn of the century without doing or saying anything that would change the future?

Vaughn Madoc is Dhampir, a race of being that originated the legends of Vampires. He’s working with Scotland Yard to track down the serial killer plaguing London, many are comparing to Jack the Ripper. If his life isn’t complicated enough, Vaughn finds a strangely dressed woman standing in his library. Fate has blessed him. He’s waited centuries for her, his Fated Mate. He just has to protect her from the killer plaguing London. And as much as he hates what he must do, he has to figure out how to send her back to her time.